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Accume has a firmwide focus on the banking industry and its emerging issues and assists clients to meet their business and regulatory challenges.
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Accume Partners has been providing clients internal audit, regulatory compliance and risk management services for almost two decades.
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We offer dedicated practices and customized solutions to the banking and financial services industry.
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Are You EMV Ready?

Financial institutions across the country are preparing for the October 2015 counterfeit card liability shift. If your institution isn't already issuing credit and debit cards with EMV chip technology, now is the time to begin that undertaking. The importance of EMV readiness is simple: EMV non-compliance could be very expensive for your institution. Starting in October 2015, those institutions that have made the investment in EMV deployment are protected from financial liability for card-present counterfeit fraud losses. Those that are not prepared will be held liable for losses due to fraud. For more information on the implementation process and EMV security features, click on our Accume Alert, "Are You EMV Ready?"