Cybersecurity and Lessons Learned from Security Incidents

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming live webinar on May 31st at 1:00 PM EST. We invite you to join us in discussing some of the key insights Accume and our clients have gained in responding to actual security incidents. Based on initial demand for the session, we are expecting a large number of attendees, and we sincerely hope you are able to join us. Participants will be able to ask questions and share best practices during the course of the session.

To gain more background on cybersecurity and one of the key risks hiding in organizations, please read "It Could Never Happen to Us...", an article written by Michael Barrack. The article can be found here

We value your participation and hope you are able to join!

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Following the recent "WannaCry" Malware attack, it's incredibly important for companies of all sizes to stay vigilant and review all security measures. These global attacks reflect an increased capability on the part of Internet bad actors, and could happen at any time. We are providing detailed guidance on preventive action for our vulnerability management clients in response to this threat. We are also offering this information to all Accume clients upon request. If you are interested in getting these details, please contact Robert Gaines at rgaines@accumepartners.com

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