About Us

Since 1994, Accume Partners stands as an integral part of the risk and regulatory industry. The Outsourcing Partnership began as an internal audit service provider for community banks. For years, we assisted firms by outsourcing their internal audit functions to a reputable, experienced team with extensive internal audit knowledge.

Our team has since grown progressively in every direction to solve numerous risk and compliance objectives for multiple industries. We now offer a complete range of internal audit solutions, along with risk management, compliance and advisory services with a particular focus on IT risk management and cybersecurity.

Accume vision

Accume Partners is an industry-leading internal audit, risk management, compliance, and advisory firm that delivers quality innovative solutions to clients in regulated industries, fostering long-term relationships and returning lasting value.

Our mission

Our mission, delivered successfully for more than 25 years, is to help clients get compliant and stay compliant, get secure and stay secure.

Experts in regulated industries

Since 1994, Accume Partners continues to work closely with over 600 banks throughout the United States including mid-sized to multi-billion-dollar organizations. Our skilled team of professionals is deeply knowledgeable, experienced, and connected in the realm of banking governance, operations, systems and regulatory compliance.

Well-versed in the intricacies of U.S. regulation, we serve many insurance firms and healthcare providers as well. Our collective range of clientele ensures we stay current with the dynamically changing worlds of internal controls, industry regulation and information security.

Experienced auditors and consultants with a high degree of specialization

Accume Partners are seasoned professionals who have honed their respective specialties over the years. Each team member holds at least fifteen years of expertise in auditing and consulting. We remain thorough and passionate about quality service and work tirelessly to meet your internal audit, compliance, risk management and advisory needs.

Well versed in the security frameworks

We’re experienced working within critical security frameworks including NIST and ISO, GLBA, HIPAA and HITRUST. At every phase, we support your commitment that confidential and regulatory protected information is safeguarded. Compliance and information security is a top priority as extensive testing identifies gaps that may pose serious risk to the company.

Committed to client success

We do not view auditing as an adversarial process. Instead, Accume Partners is committed to client success and helps clients prosper from an enhanced operating control environment. Through effective risk management, we help clients get compliant and stay compliant for years to come.

Focused on the future

A focus on deep, long-lasting relationships drives us to adapt to the dynamic needs of your growing business. Accume Partners enhances organizations by improving governance and controls and uncovering hidden risks and threats. In many cases, we’ve helped valued clients grow from mid-market firms to multi-billion-dollar organizations. Our team is available around the clock to take your organization to new heights.

We will get through the pandemic together

During the pandemic, Accume is maintaining a high level of productivity given our flexibility, understanding and the collaboration tools at our disposal. Our workpaper tools, combined with our safe and secure cloud-based platform allows for ease of electronic exchange of information/data and files, audit workpapers, programs and testing sheets. When not at the client site given state orders or client preference, our use of Zoom, Teams or WebEx enables our teams to conduct face to face status meetings and share documents in a safe and secure manner.

Our team of professionals averages over fifteen years of experience!

Accume Partners is a national organization operated by local leaders.

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