There is no threat greater then a nation-state hacking team, as they are highly skilled, fully equipped with the latest attack methodologies, have unlimited resources, can launch attacks in large scale and are almost untouchable by law enforcement.  North Korea has been a major player in this space for years, adding billions to their economy through cyber attacks.   Researchers have concluded that they are currently upgrading their operations and expanding their list of targets.  Their newest weapon allows them to attack Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems, and give them the ability to move laterally inside a network.  Defending against this type of attack requires layers of security in order to detect command and control communications, privilege escalation, memory resource allocation and computer behavior heuristics.   This is a good time to ensure that your recent security assessment was thorough enough.  If you still have nagging doubts, call us – we’re here to help.

Researchers have discovered that it is possible to modify the firmware for fast-charging devices that people commonly use to charge their smartphones and tablets.  They can alter the current, causing devices to melt, batteries to explode and charging devices to catch fire.  It takes only moments to change the firmware, but an attacker needs to attach to the device in order to make the modifications.  While this is currently a proof of concept, it is only a matter of time before someone weaponizes it.  Keep your charging systems secure and do not share them with persons that you do not know.  Also, don’t use any public charging kiosks in the event that they are compromised.

We are currently on track for over 20,000 vulnerabilities in 2020.   This is significant considering the work-force is no longer protected by being on a corporate-administered internal network.  20,000 vulnerabilities represents countless ways attackers can leverage exploits for systems that are not continuously patched – home networks are nefarious for this.  Ensure that your patch-management program is capable of detecting and remediating remote users as well as systems on your internal network.

~Stay Secure