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Today’s business environment is different. It is more interconnected, more complex, more targeted, more regulated. Companies face new and unknown risks, but also new and untapped opportunities. As the level of regulatory, business, technical complexity, and threats have surged, so has the need for specialized resources, knowledge, and focus. Accume Partners is at the forefront of this change, ready to transform how clients perceive, and capitalize on: risk and rewards.

Our clients are typically looking for comfort around their key business processes, supporting systems, and compliance needs. Being a trusted Risk Assurance and Advisory Partner is fundamental to enabling that comfort. Key drivers for this comfort are related to Compliance Requirements, Regulatory Upheaval, Digital Disruption, Evolving Threats, and Resource Scarcity.

Accume Partners is a trusted advisor that has helped over 500 active financial service and commercial clients by delivering integrated Risk, Regulatory, and Cybersecurity solutions to help manage uncertainty and drive business value.

Project Specification

Accume Partners provides an integrated solution that leverages our dedicated team of highly skilled and seasoned resources that perform Assess, Strategy, Remediation, Internal Audit, and Attest services in support of key market trends and client issues.

Case 1

Outsourced the internal audit function for various companies.

Case 2

Performed assessment, gap identification, and remediation of significant enterprise risk and regulatory issues.

Case 3

Led cybersecurity and privacy assessment and remediation efforts at various mid-sized companies to help them remain a going concern.

Case 4

Performed IT Risk Assessment including Vendor Management and helped mitigate risk and meet key stakeholder needs by helping remediate those key gaps identified.

Success Is All In The Planning

Case Study

Balancing Risk & Reward

Case 1

  • Helped mitigate risk from the internal audit oursourcing.
  • Met regulatory and key stakeholder expections.
  • Reduced cost by 20%.

Case 2

  • Helped clients balance risk and reward and identify and reduce enterprise risk and regulatory issues.

Case 3

  • Our clients made substantial progress in identifying and correcting the required cybersecurity and privacy weaknesses.

Case 4

  • After identifying the key gaps from the IT Risk Assessment and Vendor Management assessment, helped remediate and mitigate those key risks and meet key client expectations.


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