Current & potential developments

As a direct result of COVID-19, every banks’ operating model has already changed and will continue to change as the bank navigates through the tumultuous coming weeks and months. With such rapid changes occurring, the leadership at institutions of all sizes has had to tackle not only the crisis at hand but also the larger issues of protecting the enterprise franchise value and image past this crisis.


If a bank’s operating model needs to change, it may become difficult for the board of directors to continue to meet governance obligations such as overseeing risk, providing credible challenge to management, and acting as responsible stewards of the organization.

In a time of crisis, your organization needs to have a single view into its policies and strategic direction, that also incorporates the critical components individual corporate functions necessary to meet the challenges on multiple fronts.

Key questions you should consider

  • How should the board of directors adapt its governance?
  • What kind of enterprise-wide risk issues, vulnerabilties and risk reports should the board of directors be reviewing?
  • What are the risk exposures facing institutions on the non-financial fronts such as legal risk, strategic risk, reputational risk, and franchise risk?
  • What special leadership roles and responsibilities should be exercised and instilled across all levels of your organization to ensure survival during the crisis and sustainability beyond the current time frame.