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The Cyber Scarcity Threat: How a VISO can help

Preparing for cybercrimes is now more critical than ever. According to a study from Accenture and the Ponemon Institute, cybercrimes now cost organizations an average of $13.0 million per incident.

Learn how companies are meeting the accelerating Cybersecurity threat and increased risks associated with Information Technology through engaging a VISO. Learn how this cost-effective solution can help a company with limited resources that are either challenged to find or retain an ISO with the required highly specialized and technical skills.

Key Topics:
– The most common cybersecurity threats
– Why are businesses, particularly regulated organizations, choosing to have a VISO program?
– How VISO programs can be customized
– Not all VISO programs are created equal
– How Accume can help you meet your VISO needs

Michael Barrack, CEO of Accume Partners, and Don Baham, Technology & Cybersecurity Executive, will host this essential webinar. Sign up today!

Wires & Cybersecurity: Compliance and the Emerging Threat Landscape

The latest national and state requirements including R-SAT, FedLine requirements, and other emerging cybersecurity guidelines. 

Compliance Alert: New National & State Requirements You Need to Know

Get up to date on the latest national and state requirements, including R-SAT and new FedLine Attestation Requirements.


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