With tension rising between Iran and the United States, cyber warfare is on the rise. Many government agencies are releasing statements advising company’s and governments to stay protected and aware of potential threats. This past week we have seen pro Iran targets deface government websites and launch multiple attacks. Some of these are effecting entire cities and states. Both the state of Texas and the city of Las Vegas were targets for cyber attacks that believe to either be initiated by Iran or Pro Iran attackers. Thankfully, some of these attacks have been prevented but it is expected that these attacks will continue to rise in numbers. Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned Texans to be vigilant regarding cyberterrorism from Iran. The Texas Department of Information Resources released a statement advising that as many as 10,000 attempted attacks per minute from Iran had been detected over the past 48 hours on state agency networks. This number is especially startling when considering the normal occurrence of these attacks, about 420.