Solutions That Evolve With Your Business

With rapid adoption of new technologies, increasing regulation, and near daily well publicized, ​damaging cyber-attacks, IT Internal Audit issues have risen to the top of every executive and board’s agenda.

Our Solutions

Cybersecurity, Privacy, & IT Risk
  • Cyber Business Risk & Security and Privacy Maturity
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management (e.g., Attack & Pen)
  • Network, Operating System, and Database Security
  • Regulatory Compliance and Frameworks (e.g., ISO, NIST, PCI)
  • Incident Response and Forensics
Project Assurance
  • Real-Time Project Assurance
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Controls Outcome and Benefits Realization

IT Governance
  • IT Risk Assessment / IT General Controls
  • IT Data Governance & Strategy
  • Third Party Risk Management / Vendor Management
  • Business Continuity; Systems Development
Business Applications
  • Business Process Controls; User Access
  • Systems Interfaces and Data Quality
  • ERP Optimization
  • Automated Controls
  • Software Licensing

As the levels of regulatory scrutiny, technical complexity, and business threats surge, so too do the risks and compliance-related issues associated with day-to-day business activities. Management should ask these key questions:

The Questions

  • Does senior management and the board know your sensitive data, key systems, threats, likelihood and impact of a breach, and how mature the Cybersecurity,
  • Privacy, and IT Risk functions need to be?
  • Do you need Project Assurance to increase portfolio optimization?
  • Does senior management and the board have an understanding of your IT Governance Program?
  • Are you looking for comfort on your Business Applications?

The Action

  • We partner with our clients, providing specialized and cost-effective resources while being agile.

The Impact

  • Exceed key stakeholder expectations
  • Greater risk optimization / mitigation
  • Reduced regulatory scrutiny
  • Improved cost / benefit results
  • Stronger risk posture

Benchmarking Surveys

Organizations today are faced with difficult challenges surrounding Risk & Regulatory, Technology Risk, IT Audit & Cybersecurity and Board Reporting. As a result, practitioners are asking: “How are these risks being addressed by Internal Audit, IT audit, and the IT / Security Groups in other organizations like mine?”

In order to effectively answer this question, Accume Partners developed the below surveys. The surveys collect relevant data points from similar organizations from around the comparable industry (ies) and benchmarks them against Best Practices. Anyone who completes the survey will receive the results and can see how their organization is performing among its peers. It then can become a very effective planning tool!