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RISK DIRECTOR® is a secure, comprehensive IT compliance program management tool created exclusively for financial institutions. The solution integrates business continuity planning, IT risk management, vendor management, audit and policy management with a dashboard and content that keeps current with shifts in the rapidly changing IT security and regulatory landscape. With cybersecurity a critical priority to the FFIEC and financial institutions, Risk Director’s user-friendly, intelligent cybersecurity module will keep you current with the new guidance. And it’s all viewable through a single portal!

With Risk Director, It’s More Than Just The Tool, It’s The Know-How

Developed by Examiners

Risk Director was developed by former FDIC and NCUA examiners to ensure all components meet regulatory requirements and adhere to FFIEC guidelines. It is built with audits and regulatory exams in mind.

Flexible Unique Options

The solution is available in several options, including Risk Director Basic, a self-service option, or Risk Director Standard, which includes outsourcing the heavy lifting of program development and maintenance to dedicated experts and specialists in the field.

Flexible Pricing

Risk Director modules can be purchased separately in the outsourcing option. Having the option to outsource vendor management and/or business continuity only gives customers flexibility in the level of service and pricing selected.

Proven Results

Risk Director is in use by hundreds of community banks and credit unions across the country with successful exam results under all state and federal charters. The solution provides a proven framework to stay in compliance.

Risk Director is a cost-effective, all-in-one tool to help you develop, manage and maintain IT compliance programs as mandated by the examiners. With Risk Director, you can meet FFIEC guidelines and reduce your compliance burden by using a comprehensive, integrated, online solution that saves you time and money.

Unlike spreadsheets or word processing solutions, Risk Director uses a powerful database with easy-to-use menus, allowing you to update or change information quickly through a single interface. And unlike point solutions for vendor management or business continuity, Risk Director manages all the IT compliance programs in one easy to use solution.

Clients Can Aaccess the Following Modules to
Meet All Their IT Compliance Needs:

Vendor Management
  • Perform vendor due diligence reviews in minutes
  • Manage vendor contracts from one location
  • Centrally store all vendor-related documents
  • Meet the increasing standards of third party oversight required by increased cybersecurity focus
Continuity Plan
  • Maintain an entire BCP based on your processes
  • Document for backups, offsite storage and recovery
  • Identify test plan objectives and record testing results
  • Associate assets, personnel and vendors instead of re-entering information or having it go “out of sync” with other programs
  • Helps identify and distinguish required and discretionary actions.
  • Supports the creation of Board-level reporting.
  • Provides a means for year over year comparison to demonstrate increases in maturity.
  • Helps identify and distinguish required and discretionary actions
  • Supports the creation of Board-level reporting
  • Provides a means for year over year comparison to demonstrate increases in maturity
Audit (and Policy) Management
  • Centrally record audit findings
  • Assign response tasks and track response status
  • Define audit objectives and audit plans
  • Access dozens of IT policy templates
Risk Management
  • Perform comprehensive risk assessments with detailed controls and dynamic updating
  • Use a library of built-in, predefined risks while customizing to your specific needs
  • Determine residual risk and record risk acceptance or control strengthening decisions
  • Associate controls directly to audit objectives and policies

As the levels of regulatory scrutiny, technical complexity, and business threats surge, so too do the risks and compliance-related issues associated with day-to-day business activities. Management should ask these key questions

The Questions

  • Does senior management and the board have an effective ongoing process to manage and report IT Risk?
  • Are security risks being addressed and include a qualified and independent Security Office role?
  • Is the organization protected against operational and system failures and have tested Business Continuity plans in place?
  • Has senior management and the board quantified your IT Risk including the sensitive data, key systems, threats, likelihood and impact of a breach?
  • Does the company have a Third Party Risk program that stratifies key vendors, manages ongoing risks, and performs onsite assessments? Is the program an effective practical one that provides real leverage to your firm?

The Action

  • We partner with our clients, providing specialized and cost-effective resources while being agile.
  • We learn your risk appetite, gauge current program state and leverage industry standards and best practices to improve your posture.

The Impact

  • Exceed key stakeholder expectations
  • Greater risk optimization / mitigation
  • Increased regulatory readiness
  • Improved cost / benefit results
  • Stronger control posture
  • Improved Protection from existing and emerging technology risk
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