Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO)

New technology, heightened regulation, and expanding cybersecurity risk dramatically challenge how a company works day-to-day. As a result, information security officers (ISOs) face unique obstacles as they strive to meet heightened demands. Time constraints, reliance on third parties, and a lack of expertise collectively strain internal resources, and potentially weaken business security operations. Enterprises and businesses thus find it increasingly difficult to manage information security risk and effectively respond.

ISO duties ensure alignment with business strategy, protection against cybersecurity threats, and regulatory compliance. Engage a virtual ISO (VISO) to assist with challenges companies face each day. Adoption of our VISO program grants access to a wide reaching, deep range of skills and experience. An entire department of experts combine forces to provide each client with a higher level of specialized expertise in one comprehensive, affordable package.

We have you covered when it comes to:

  • VISO solution – technical components only
  • VISO solution – IT risk and compliance functions only
  • Comprehensive VISO solution

Areas of focus include:

  • Information security management program
  • Information security and IT risk assessments
  • Vendor management policy
  • IT strategic plan
  • Business continuity and incident response programs
  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Social engineering testing
  • Threat intelligence


Is a VISO Program Right for Your Organization?

Learn how companies are meeting the accelerating threats and risks associated with Information Technology through engaging a VISO. After this session, you’ll understand how this cost-effective solution can help a company with limited resources.

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Is a VISO Program Right for your Organization?

Example description…

Is a VISO Program Right for your Organization?

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