The Cyber Scarcity Threat: How a VISO can help


Preparing for cybercrimes is now more critical than ever. According to a study from Accenture and the Ponemon Institute, cybercrimes now cost organizations an average of $13.0 million per incident.

Learn how companies are meeting the accelerating Cybersecurity threat and increased risks associated with Information Technology through engaging a VISO. Learn how this cost-effective solution can help a company with limited resources that are either challenged to find or retain an ISO with the required highly specialized and technical skills.

Key Topics:
– The most common cybersecurity threats
– Why are businesses, particularly regulated organizations, choosing to have a VISO program?
– How VISO programs can be customized
– Not all VISO programs are created equal
– How Accume can help you meet your VISO needs

Michael Barrack, CEO of Accume Partners, and Don Baham, Technology & Cybersecurity Executive, will host this essential webinar. Sign up today!

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Solar Winds: why it still matters to you

By Cybersecurity

The SolarWinds cyberattack was a sophisticated supply-chain attack carried out over several months that successfully targeted high-profile companies and government agencies. The breach was first noticed by the security company FireEye in early December 2020, but after some investigation, it was revealed the attack likely began in September 2019.

What are you doing to protect your firm against such vulnerabilities?

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June 2021 AccumeView: Cybersecurity Pulse Newsletter

By AccumeView, Cybersecurity, IT Audit, IT Risk and Compliance

The recent string of ransomware attacks against supply chain entities has highlighted how susceptible organizations are to these types of attacks.
Although the Solarwinds attack in late 2020 and the Microsoft Exchange breach in early 2021 were not ransomware-related, the over-arching effects of those compromises has shown that despite the best efforts of information security programs, there are some serious gaps in how we have been preparing security incidents.

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January 2021 AccumeView: Executive Cybersecurity Pulse Newsletter

By AccumeView, Cybersecurity, IT Audit, IT Risk and Compliance

The headline is startling: Cybercrime costs the world more than $1 trillion, a 50% increase from 2018. From our experience in the trenches, this feels about right. Attackers are using more complex methods for spreading their malware, and the payloads keep getting more sophisticated – better at evading detection and more effective at delivering their malicious payload.

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