January 2021 AccumeView: Executive Cybersecurity Pulse Newsletter

By AccumeView, Cybersecurity, IT Audit, IT Risk and Compliance

The headline is startling: Cybercrime costs the world more than $1 trillion, a 50% increase from 2018. From our experience in the trenches, this feels about right. Attackers are using more complex methods for spreading their malware, and the payloads keep getting more sophisticated – better at evading detection and more effective at delivering their malicious payload.

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October 2020 AccumeView: Executive Cybersecurity Pulse Newsletter

By AccumeView

There is no threat greater than a nation-state hacking team, as they are highly skilled, fully equipped with the latest attack methodologies, have unlimited resources, can launch attacks in large scale and are almost untouchable by law enforcement. North Korea has been a major player in this space for years, adding billions to their economy through cyber attacks.

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